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DGV Zucchini Hummus

Hi Friends! 

I hope you're staying healthy and sane...(the days seem to be running together!)  Mom and I are taking care of each other at home while keeping our distance.

We're both doing projects to keep us busy; she is making masks for my sisters and me, while I run her errands. It seems to be working well so far.

Today, I went to our local produce stand, and picked up some fresh vegetables. Zucchini is in plenty right now, and it made me think of a great hummus recipe that I wanted to share. 

The great thing about zucchini hummus is that it's versatile. You don't have to use chickpeas (I don't). You can add any spices you'd like, and tailor it to your liking. Download it here, and try it! It's fast, easy and tasty. Three of my favorite things!


Stay safe and healthy!